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Game Studios and Subsidiaries

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  • Q2 Report 202224 augusti 2022
  • Q3 Report 202215 november 2022
  • Year-End report23 februari 2023

Mobile-game development

We are a fast growing team of developers, designers, marketers and game designers who work hard to create the next generation of game titles. FunRock recruits individuals with a passion for the complex knowledge and art of game development. Individuals who take pride in delivering a fantastic gaming experience and who wants to push game development to the next level.



A sentence sometimes used to describe our games. We call it "the FunRock way". Nothing is more important to us than the value of quality and entertainment. We are dedicated to creating an unforgettable and long-lasting gaming experience. For every indivual that plays our games.


20 years of experience

Fragbite, founded in 2002, is a leading esport company in the nordics who reach more than 200,000 gamers in the nordics each month through their variety of channels.