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Fragbite Group has a portfolio of established subsidiaries based in Sweden, France, the Netherlands and Gibraltar. We build the group by selective acquisition of fast-growing, well-managed subsidiaries with strong management, whose business complements the existing companies. We help subsidiaries grow through cutting-edge expertise, capital and cross-fertilisation with other operations in the Group. Together we create entertainment for the global gaming market by developing proprietary IP:s as well as collaborating with external IP owners.


Fragbite was founded in 2002 and through its platforms the company reaches more than 300,000 unique users every month. Fragbite is based in Stockholm and is currently one of the leading Nordic esports companies, offering a complete portfolio of content – tournaments, marketing, advertising, live-streaming and publishing. Through fragbite.se and its channel on streaming platform Twitch, Fragbite provides a well-visited platform that has long been a thriving community of great importance to the development of esports in Sweden and the Nordic region. Fragbite has extensive experience in the production and distribution of tournaments in various formats. In 2022 the successful concept Swedish Cup in Counter-Strike was launched, a tournament now returning in the fall of 2024 for its third consecutive year.

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Fragbite operate an agency business under the Config brand and has more tha 10 years’ experience in creating value based on gaming and esports content. With innovative concept marketing Config assists international brands in reaching and making an impact on the gaming and esports audience – a young target group often considered difficult to reach with traditional marketing.

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Fun Rock & Prey Studio

FunRock & Prey Studios were founded in 2008 and 2011 respectively and the two businesses merged into one organisational unit in 2021. FunRock & Prey Studios develop game engines and games adapted for smart phones and tablets which are primarily distributed via Google Play and Apple App Store. The studio utilises the free-to-play business model, which means that players download the games and play for free but can pay for additional content to help advance more easily in the game. The subsidiary is based in Stockholm with parts of the team working out of Alexandria, Egypt. The studio is the developer of popular mobile game MMA Manager 2: Ultimate Fight which has had over 4 million downloads to date.

Lucky Kat

Lucky Kat was founded in 2015 and is based in the Hague, the Netherlands. The company develops mobile games and first established itself in the hypercasual genre – titles with simple game mechanics targeting a wide audience and aimed at offering moments of pastime entertainment. The business model for these mobile games is free-to-play and the main source of revenue is advertising. Lucky Kat’s catalogue of over 20 games has had more than 200 million downloads to date. The studio is since 2023 mainly focused on development of web3 games, with its first title Panzerdogs, released in 2022, considered a pioneer title within web3, nominated by the European Blockchain Convention as one of Europe’s top 100 Blockchain startups. Together with its subsidiary Wagmi, Lucky Kat is developing the group’s gaming token $KOBAN, which has so far generated over SEK 38 million in targeted sales ahead of the public launch and sales planned for 2024.

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Playdigious is a well-established game developer, with expertise in developing and adapting successful game titles from PC to mobile and subsequently publishing them, known as porting. Playdigious was founded in 2016 and has is based in France, with offices in Paris, Montpellier and Nancy. Playdigious’ design and technical expertise in porting a game from one platform to another has made the studio a renowned player, with high-profile partners and several award-winning titles in the portfolio. Their porting capabilities combined with competent publishing of these titles have earned them the trust of leading IP owners in the market. The company has developed mobile versions of games such as Dead Cells, Spiritfarer Northgard, Loop Hero, Skul and Little Nightmares.

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Playdigious Originals

Playdigious Originals is Playdigious’ business unit and brand for publishing games on PC and console. The new business unit publishes indie games, which are being released for the first time. Playdigious Originals was unveiled in June 2023 and the first game will be released in 2024: Linkito, followed by Fretless – The wrath of Riffson.

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Lucky Kat and Wagmi together form the web3 business area, click here to learn more about what web3 means in gaming. Wagmi is the Group’s issuer entity, licensed to issue blockchain-based financial assets. Wagmi was founded in 2022 and is based in Gibraltar where the subsidiary is authorised as a Virtual Assets Service Provider by the Gibraltar Financial Services Commission. Lucky Kat handles game development and product strategy as well as maintaining the games’ communities, while Wagmi handles all financial aspects of the digital assets issued, including legal matters such as maintaining AML policies and reporting.

What is web3?

Web3 is today an overall label for a technological, cultural and commercial paradigm shift for the digital entertainment industry. How we create, own and trade digital assets was first driven primarily by technology, but is now increasingly driven by a cultural evolution

What does web3 mean to Fragbite Group?

Fragbite Group’s goal in web3 is to create digital gaming experiences that offer players new and innovative ways to develop their interests, interact with others, own what they create and have the opportunity to influence decisions about the experience’s ecosystem and development. Game experience is the top priority in the development of our web3 games, which can also be played as classic games, and to that we add the layers of functionality provided by blockchain technology, including play-and-earn mechanics

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