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Cosmocadia soft-launched during ongoing NFT sale

25 May, 2023 at 16:00

Fragbite Group AB (publ) (“Fragbite Group”) soft-launched web3 title Cosmocadia yesterday May 24 in conjunction with the NFT sale. With the sale ongoing and just over 5000 NFTs sold thus far, the current net sale amounts to approximately 185,000 SUI. The current supply of 11,111 NFT avatars will shortly be lowered to a total of 5,555 ahead of the sale closing tomorrow 26 May at 14.00 (UTC).

Yesterday web3 game Cosmocadia was soft-launched and a first version of the game made available exclusively to NFT holders, in conjunction with the sale of NFT avatars. With sales ongoing and currently just over 5000 NFTs sold, the collection has thus far generated total net sales amounting to approximately 185,000 SUI. The total supply will shortly be lowered to 5,555 with sales closing tomorrow 26 May at 14.00 (UTC). If less than 5,555 NFTs have been sold by 14.00 (UTC), any remaining NFTs will be airdropped to NFT holders. Airdropping entails distributing NFTs as rewards to those game community members already holding an NFT.

Thanks to the hard work of our Cosmocadia team, the soft-launch was a success with great reviews from players, which is very promising for the game. When it comes to the NFT sale, it was difficult to assess potential revenue ahead of time due to many complex factors, but we had expected more NFTs sold at this point. The purpose of having an NFT avatar sale other than to infuse capital into the game development, is to kick-start the monetary ecosystem of the game and support the game community to retain long-term engagement. After having now reached a satisfactory level of sold NFTs, we have therefore chosen to lower the total supply for the benefit of the NFT holders. Together with our community we are ready to take the next step in developing Cosmocadia towards wide adoption with web2 as well as web3 gamers”, says Marcus Teilman, President and CEO, Fragbite Group.

Cosmocadia as a project has gotten a great response from both gamers and web3 investors alike over these past few days. The market is challenging right now but we are happy with the results so far as they have positioned Cosmocadia as one of the top 3 NFT projects in the Sui ecosystemI want to extend my gratitude towards our Cosmocadia community for support, valuable feedback and engagement. We look forward to delivering an innovative gaming experience and a dynamic monetary ecosystem to meet your expectations and more,” says Herdjie Zhou, CEO of Lucky Kat

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