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Marketing campaign for in-game token $KOBAN started

12 June, 2024 at 16:45

Fragbite Group AB’s (publ) (“Fragbite Group” or “the Company”) subsidiary Lucky Kat has today started the marketing campaign for the upcoming public launch and sale of in-game token $KOBAN. This includes the publication of $KOBAN Tokenomics – an outline of the planned allocation of supply.

Lucky Kat is today starting the marketing campaign for in-game token $KOBAN ahead of the upcoming public release and sale. This entails the publication of the Tokenomics of $KOBAN – a strategic document outlining allocation and stakeholder engagement activities. It also entails the start of a three-step marketing campaign which will run over the course of the coming period. As part of the launch, the Company plans to engage investors for an additional private sale. Unit price and date for the public launch will be communicated later via press release.

$KOBAN is an in-game token which after public launch can be used as means of payment within Fragbite Group’s web3 games, alongside being traded on external marketplaces. $KOBAN is a utility token empowering an ecosystem of games which means that over time, more games can be added to the ecosystem, both titles owned by Fragbite Group as well as titles owned by third parties. To date, approximately 38 MSEK has been raised in private sales of $KOBAN, generating revenue to support game and ecosystem development, ahead of the public launch and sale.

At Fragbite Group we are committed to deliver entertainment for the new generation of gamers, and we are very proud to have a web3 business area that is pioneering a new frontier in the gaming industry. The public launch of KOBAN is a milestone for the Group, it not only allows full web3 functionality for Panzerdogs and Cosmocadia, it is also the first building block for creating a modern, easily accessible and interconnected ecosystem of web3 games which puts the player experience and the love of gaming first,” says Stefan Tengvall, President and CEO, Fragbite Group

"We are incredibly excited about the launch of $KOBAN and the opportunities it brings. Our vision of creating an entire ecosystem of web3 games not only maximizes the potential success of the KOBAN token but also enables a truly interoperable gaming environment. This approach gives control back to the players, allowing them to seamlessly use $KOBAN across multiple games, enhancing their gaming experience and value. We believe that by fostering this interconnected ecosystem, we can create a sustainable and engaging platform that benefits both developers and players alike." says Zara Zamani, Fragbite Group Board Member and CEO of Lucky Kat.

Towards the end of June, Lucky Kat will release an updated version of Cosmocadia on PC and mobile which has full web3 functionality, following the limited mobile release earlier this year which has allowed for a period of data collection through user acquisition (UA) campaigns. $KOBAN utility and integration have been developed for both Panzerdogs and Cosmocadia, ensuring the token is ready for seamless implementation immediately following the public launch.

The $KOBAN marketing campaign is planned in three main steps consisting of activities designed to attract and engage users from both within and beyond the Sui blockchain. Activities include gamified tournament campaigns, social awareness campaigns, airdrop campaigns, and additional activities that are yet to be announced. All with the intended purpose to onboard new audiences into the $KOBAN gaming ecosystem. The $KOBAN Tokenomics document has today been made available via Lucky Kat’s channels.

The $KOBAN token is a collaboration between Fragbite Group subsidiaries Lucky Kat and Wagmi. Wagmi is the Company’s issuer of financial assets within web3 and is, in its capacity as a licensed Virtual Asset Service Provider, responsible for issuing $KOBAN under the supervision of the Gibraltar Financial Services Commission. Lucky Kat is the Company’s developer of web3 games and manages the $KOBAN launch process in terms of operations, marketing and stakeholder communication.

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