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Abrial Da Costa new CEO of Playdigious, while co-founders remain in the Group

16 June, 2023 at 08:00

Fragbite Group AB (publ) (“Fragbite Group” or “the Group”) hereby announces changes in the management team of wholly-owned subsidiary, Playdigious SAS (“Playdigious” or “the Company”). Xavier Liard, co-founder and CEO of Playdigious, will transfer to a role on a Group level. Romain Tisserand, co-founder and CTO will transfer within Playdigious to head up its new R&D department. Taking over as CEO of Playdigious on July 3 is experienced gaming industry professional Abrial Da Costa.

On July 3, Abrial Da Costa will be taking over as CEO for Playdigious. Abrial is an entrepreneur and a veteran gaming industry professional with more than 30 years’ experience from various leadership roles in game development companies. He joins Playdigious from his most recent role as Chief Business Officer of independent game developer and publisher Don’t Nod.

Playdigious was founded in 2015 by Xavier Liard and Romain Tisserand. Since Playdigious’ acquisition by Fragbite Group 2021, Xavier Liard has spent increasingly more time supporting business area gaming and will now shift his focus to the Group. After a few months of transition during which Xavier will support Abrial at Playdigious, he will assume the part-time role of Senior Strategy Advisor for Fragbite Group, advising on strategy, business development and M&A. As part of the recently communicated growth strategy for the Company, Romain Tisserand will transfer from his current role as CTO to the role of Head of Research & Development, heading up Playdigious’ new R&D department.

Marcus Teilman, President & CEO of Fragbite Group, comments:

-“The fact that Xavier and Romain are both transferring to new key roles in Fragbite Group is a testament to how the Group has grown into a close-knit organization where we take advantages of synergies while still keeping the individual subsidiaries’ cultures intact. We also have the great pleasure of welcoming Abrial Da Costa as the new CEO of Playdigious. Abrial has extensive experience from the gaming industry and will be a key asset to Playdigious as well as Fragbite Group, as a new member of our management team.

Xavier Liard, VP Publishing & Indie Games of Fragbite Group and co-founder of Playdigious, comments:

“I have collaborated with Abrial many times over the years, he is one of the most knowledgeable and experienced yet still humble people I know in the gaming industry. It is with great pride that Romain and I hand over the reins of Playdigious to him and usher in a new era for the Company. I have the past year spent more time advising on the Group level and this has led to my decision to take on a new challenge, focusing on M&A and strategic development. On behalf of all of us – welcome Abrial to the Fragbite Group family! Exciting times ahead!”

Romain Tisserand, CTO and co-founder of Playdigious, comments:

-“Our journey so far with Playdigious has been exciting. Gaming is a difficult industry, but we have managed to create dynamic business models by adapting along the way, daring to chart new paths as well as cutting old, comfortable concepts when they were no longer viable. Now backed by the Group, and with Abrial joining the team, this is the perfect time to charter new paths yet again. As we expand, I will turn my focus to R&D and forge new concepts and new tools for this business to continue growing. I am thrilled for the opportunity to keep working with Xavier as well as welcoming Abrial to the team – we are ready for the next phase for Playdigious.”

Abrial Da Costa comments:

-“After almost nine years leading Don't Nod's business strategy and taking part in its IPO as well as three strategic capital rounds, I'm proud to be joining Fragbite Group and taking over as CEO of Playdigious to start a new adventure in my career. I was lucky enough to work with Romain and Xavier many years ago, and since the creation of Playdigious, I've admired the colossal amount of work done by them and their team. I am really looking forward to taking the Company to the next level and contribute to Fragbite Group's growth.”

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