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Cosmocadia and Panzerdogs launch on Sui Mainnet

20 April, 2023 at 09:40

Fragbite Group AB (publ) (“Fragbite Group”) is updating the timeline for the launch of web3 game Cosmocadia and its accompanying NFT sale, as well as the migration of web3 game Panzerdogs, both tied with the launch of Sui Mainnet. Sui is the blockchain to which the financial ecosystem of both games will be connected. The fully operational Mainnet version of Sui is currently scheduled to go live May 3 2023, with associated games starting to launch a few weeks later, exact schedule pending final confirmation.

Fragbite Group subsidiaries Wagmi and Lucky Kat have as earlier communicated partnered with Mysten Labs, web3 infrastructure company and first contributor to the Sui blockchain. This partnership extends to launching Cosmocadia and its first NFT collection on Sui, as well as migrating Panzerdogs from the Solana blockchain to the Sui blockchain. Both of these events will take place in conjunction with the launch of the Sui Mainnet on May 3.

Sui will be starting to launch associated games a few weeks after the May 3 launch, a tentative schedule subject to change. One of the first games in line is Cosmocadia which will be launching as one of the first projects on the Sui Mainnet, with the Cosmocadia NFT sale currently scheduled to start a number of weeks after May 3 as part of a joint marketing campaign. After the NFT sale has been initiated, a first demo version of the game will be released exclusive to NFT holders. Wagmi and Lucky Kat will be issuing 11,111 avatar NFT:s, the unit price is yet to be confirmed.

Lucky Kat will provide a migration tool for all Panzerdogs players so that they can transfer their NFT:s from the Solana blockchain to Sui. This migration tool will be made available another couple of weeks after the launch of the Sui Mainnet, also as part of a joint marketing campaign.

The launch of the Sui Mainnet is a global, technically complex enterprise carried out in cooperation with several partners, therefore Fragbite Group can’t yet provide an exact schedule on those of our projects that are linked to it. The current tentative game launch schedule provided by Sui, and thus consequently the start of our NFT sale, is subject to change. The Company’s channels will be continuously updated as the launch progresses.

We are all impressed by the speed at which Mysten Labs have pushed forward with this launch. Initially, the Sui Mainnet was not expected to go live until the fall, but thanks to incredibly hard work and a strong partnership network the launch is now expected in early May. Once Sui Mainnet is live, Fragbite Group can follow suit and the team is ready to roll out all our planned activities when given the go-ahead. I especially look forward to the NFT sale and demo release for Cosmocadia, it is a highly anticipated title and I think players will have their expectations met and more.” says Marcus Teilman, President and CEO, Fragbite Group.

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