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Fragbite forms e-sports league for chess together with the Swedish Chess Federation

08 September, 2021 at 08:30

Fragbite Group's subsidiary Fragbite AB has entered into an agreement with the Swedish Chess Federation to start up an e-sports league in chess.

The ambition with the new e-sports league is to engage more chess players in the target group 18-35 years and establish chess as a real e-sport in Sweden. Fragbite produces and runs broadcasts of the e-sports league in close collaboration with the Swedish Chess Federation, which is responsible for administration such as referee contact, rule issues, etc.

The name of the e-sports league is the Swedish Chess League (in Swedish Svenska Schackligan) and will be played two seasons a year. The start is expected to take place this autumn.

– As one of the Nordic region's leading media houses in e-sports & gaming, we are constantly trying to find new ways to offer value to our target group. With our ears to the rails, we try to identify which games / sports have the potential to become a good e-sport. No one has missed the fact that chess has grown explosively in interest. That is why we are very proud to be able to present Sweden's official e-sports league in chess: the Swedish Chess League, comments Daniel Pereaux, VP E-sports Fragbite Group.

– This initiative contributes to chess reaching a completely new target group in a new way, comments Fredrik Lindgren, Secretary General of the Swedish Chess Federation. We hope to reach players who today are not organized in clubs and that this increases interest in Swedish chess.

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