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Fragbite Group releases Spiritfarer on the Netflix platform

04 October, 2022 at 20:30

Fragbite Group AB's wholly-owned subsidiary Playdigious SAS has released a mobile version of the successful game Spiritfarer exclusively on Netflix, which is now live for all members on their streaming platform.

Spiritfarer is a successful game that was initially developed for desktop and consoles by the Canadian game studio Thunder Lotus Games in 2020. Playdigious has now developed and adapted an exclusive mobile version, which is now live for all members on Netflix.

“This is a milestone for Fragbite Group that shows the quality in our subsidiary Playdigious. I think that the business model in Netflix, where members already pay a monthly subscription fee is very interesting to the games industry in general and our goal is therefore to release more games on platforms with this business model”, comments Marcus Teilman, President & CEO of Fragbite Group.

Netflix members are now able to enjoy Spiritfarer wherever they go with no ads, no in-app purchases and with unlimited access which is included without any additional costs in their existing membership.

Playdigious places traditional desktop games on primarily mobile platforms, where well-known PC games such as e.g. Dead Cells, Northgard and Evoland have been launched for mobile players.

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