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Fragbite Group’s subsidiary WAGMI announces Web3 game title “Solcadia”

04 August, 2022 at 16:46

Fragbite Group AB’s (publ) (“Fragbite”) wholly-owned subsidiary WAGMI Ltd (”WAGMI”) announces in collaboration with Lucky Kat BV (“Lucky Kat”), also a subsidiary of Fragbite Group, a new Web3 game title called “SOLCADIA”.

SOLCADIA is a play-and-earn community-based farming game, where players work together to turn the overgrown wilderness into an utopia. Blockchain technology enables SOLCADIA’s users to truly own and trade in-game items that have been obtained through farming, fishing or crafting, powered by their in-game NFT character.

WAGMI’s in-game token named, “$LUCKY”, renamed from the earlier communicated name $PANZR will be utilized for users to buy certain items or earn by selling items on the game’s marketplace. $LUCKY will also be used in another project called “Panzerdogs”, which is currently a top 10 Solana blockchain gaming project successfully launched by WAGMI and Lucky Kat.

SOLCADIA will be available next year free to play on both desktop and mobile.

“I’m very happy to see how fast we are currently moving in the Web3 space. Solcadia will be another great and fun game that will also offer us the opportunity to sell NFTs, just like we did with Panzerdogs in December 2021. Combining the two games with our $LUCKY in-game token is to me very exciting and I look forward to seeing the release of the game next year”, comments Marcus Teilman, President & CEO of Fragbite Group.

“We’re excited to collaborate with WAGMI and to work on these exciting projects and start building the metaverse”, comments Herdjie Zhou, CEO of Lucky Kat,

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