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Sten Wranne and David Wallinder are proposed as new board members

09 June, 2021 at 08:00

FunRock AB (under name change to Fragbite Group AB) has recently convened an Annual General Meeting on June 29, 2021. A group of investors in the company proposes that Sten Wranne and David Wallinder be elected as new board members.

During his career, Sten Wranne has held a number of different CFO roles, including 2015 – 2019 at Stillfront Group, but also at companies such as Adcore AB and Connecta AB. He has extensive experience in financial management, M&A in both gaming and other industries in addition to board work. Sten is currently a board member of i.a. management consulting company Influence Consulting Group AB. Sten has a master's degree in Engineering Physics from Chalmers University of Technology. In his role as CFO at Stillfront, Sten worked with the listing process, financial reporting, investor relations, financing and a number of acquisitions, which over time proved to be instrumental in laying the foundation for Stillfront's success.

David Wallinder has a Master of Business Administration with a focus on financing from Stockholm University. David has more than 15 years of experience as an entrepreneur in gaming and tech where he has founded several companies (including FunRock) and worked with M&A. Furthermore, David has previous experience from board assignments, advisory roles and investments in technology-intensive companies.

– It is extremely gratifying that two people with such meritorious backgrounds want to get involved in our board work. It adds further strength and relevant expertise to our Board and I look forward to a good collaboration on our continued growth journey both organically and through further acquisitions, comments Stefan Tengvall, President and CEO of Fragbite Group.

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