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Wagmi and Lucky Kat partner with Mysten Labs on web3 game Cosmocadia

01 February, 2023 at 08:00

Fragbite Group AB’s (publ) (“Fragbite Group”) wholly-owned subsidiaries WAGMI Ltd (“Wagmi”) and Lucky Kat B.V. (“Lucky Kat”) have entered into a strategic partnership with Mysten Labs on web3 game Cosmocadia and its NFT collection on the Sui blockchain. Cosmocadia will be one of the first projects launching on the upcoming Sui Mainnet.

Wagmi and Lucky Kat are partnering with Mysten Labs, a web3 infrastructure company and first contributor to the Sui blockchain, to bring web3 gaming to a broader audience by launching the game Cosmocadia on Sui Mainnet. Cosmocadia and its accompanying Non-Fungible Token (“NFT”) collection will be fully launched as one of the first NFT gaming projects on Sui, a high-performance, low-cost blockchain. Sui is currently in a test phase with the launch of the Sui Mainnet expected in fall 2023. Mysten Labs announced their collaboration with Wagmi and Lucky Kat earlier this year, and now the parties take a step further by announcing a strategic partnership. 

Cosmocadia is a community-based web3 farming themed game developed by Lucky Kat and published by Wagmi. Players can farm, fish, craft and work together to turn the overgrown wilderness into their own utopian creation. Through blockchain technology, players will be able to own and trade their in-game characters and items as NFT:s. This is another milestone reached for Fragbite Group, with its web3 business expanded to include a second blockchain after last year’s release of the game Panzerdogs on Solana.

The Cosmocadia NFT sale is scheduled to start in conjunction with the Sui Mainnet launch. At present, Sui Testnet enables developers to test the network by performing transactions without any attached value and once Sui Mainnet is launched, transactions will be processed using Sui tokens. After the Cosmocadia NFT sale, a game demo will be made available exclusively for all Cosmocadia NFT holders.

– “Wagmi and Lucky Kat have demonstrated unique abilities to build and deliver web3 games that are both innovative and fun to play. We are excited at the prospect of Wagmi and Lucky Kat bringing a fun, community-driven game to the Sui ecosystem at launch, in which players can own, interact with, and transfer mutable, expressive NFT:s”, says Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Mysten Labs.

– “With Cosmocadia launching on Sui Mainnet and the positive collaboration with Mysten Labs, we continue to strengthen Fragbite Group’s position on the web3 market. This market presents many interesting opportunities, and I am excited to see Wagmi and Lucky Kat continuing to move their positions forward”, says Marcus Teilman, President and CEO, Fragbite Group.

We are excited to partner with Mysten Labs and leverage the Sui blockchain, which allows game developers to build experiences with blockchain technology that have never been seen before. Gamers across the world are anxiously anticipating the launch of Sui Mainnet, and it’s a privilege for us to unveil Cosmocadia in conjunction”, says Herdjie Zhou, CEO, Lucky Kat.

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